We are so happy and grateful to see this third season of “Lakeshore’s Rising Stars!” come to fruition, and we know that it couldn’t have happened without the support of so many people throughout the entire process.

We would like to take this moment and thank all of the people who have come alongside us throughout this process, and specifically the following people and organizations:

– Seehafer Broadcasting Corp. and their entire staff, for teaming up with us to bring this show to the lakeshore for a third season.

– All of our committed sponsors, for partnering with us financially to make this show possible.

– The Capitol Civic Centre and their entire team, as well as all the Capitol Civic Centre ushers and volunteers.

– The Rising Stars Band including Kyle Matenaer, Jack Naus, Marty Scheuer Jr., Keith Krumrich, Adam Opperman and Jacob Opperman, for their commitment and talents to help make this show truly what it is.

– Our Main Judges including Steve Lauson Jr., Debbie Seehafer and Tim Strews, for their overall dedication to this competition.

– David Bourgeois along with Jim and Susie Miller, our audition weekend judges along with all of our special weekly guest judges.

– Paul Tittl, for his overall time commitment of being ‘The Eliminator’ in the mist of running for re-eleciton this summer.

– Karen Stevenson, our Volunteer Coordinator, and her wonderful team of volunteers, who are behind the scenes spending so much time helping everything run smoothly.

– Mayor JustinNickels and the City of Manitowoc, for the overall positive community support.

– Lighthouse Productions and their entire team, for going above and beyond with our production needs.

– Erika Zastrow, our professional choreographer, for making this season’s choreography the best yet.

– Derek Stevenson, for providing security throughout the entire summer.

– Our stage managers including Noahli Skarvan and John Schwarz Jr. along with our stage crew including Edward Barta, Andrea Farr Winkel and Lori Hebel, for their consistent hard work and dedication.

– Our set designer, Jeff Klein, for his amazing work on the Rising Stars stage

– Each of our creative partners including Allyson Broecker of A E Photography, Nathan Remaker for his videography, Josh White of CyberTechs Consulting for our amazing website, Andy Wheeler of A W Designs for all of our amazing graphic work, Abby Hoban for all of our official press releases, Scott Johnson of Scott Johnson Productions for all of our audio production, and Katie Stevenson for her amazing writing and editing support.

– All of the Rising Stars models for joining us to assist with the elimination process including Anna Emme, Anna Katner, Bailey Hanson, Caitlyn Cayemberg, Carly Cayemberg, Cassandra Besaw, Courtney Pelot, Hannah Jaeger, Loredanna Ispas and Madison Bosch.

– The Milwaukee Bucks, for partnering with us to provide our winner the opportunity to perform The National Anthem at an upcoming Bucks game.

– Studio 330, for partnering with us to provide our winner the opportunity to produce their very own CD demo.

– Kids From Wisconsin, for partnering with us to reach musicians throughout the state of Wisconsin.

– Our various media partners including KISS FM, NBC 26, Results Broadcasting in Shawano, and The Herald Times Reporter.

– Ruby Gutierrez, for all of her logistical support throughout the past 12 months.

– Our personal supporters; our significant others, families, friends and loved ones who have all sacrificed time with us and offered so much support and encouragement throughout this entire process.

– Each of our ‘Top 10’ contestants, along with their support team of family, friends and fans.

– Every single one of you, our incredible fans.  Without you, there would be no excitement, no purpose, and no show.

To each and every organization and person listed above, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



The Producers

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